Why use the Front Squat Bar

I was told a lot of different things when we were creating the bar. “People can just front squat with a barbell, safety squat bar, or pads. Why make another bar?” Trust me I have tried every way possible to perform them and with practice they all worked. But, none of them had it all. One way had comfort but no grip. Another great handling but didn’t feel like a front squat. And the safety squat bar was merely a fancy way to suffocate myself while I worked out. The Front Squat Bar fixes all of that. It is comfortably, welcoming (i.e. no risk of suffocation), and feels like a front squat should. If you work with anyone or train yourself and find value in the front squat this bar is a must.

By Lifters for Lifters

We didn't set out on a mission to build a gym and create a bar. Years of working with clients and wanting to train ourselves lead to the bar. Countless complaints and pains with just a single exercise that is fundamentally great shouldn't happen. From knowing all the in's and out's of training we wanted a bar that just works.

Simplicity is Key

Having spent sessions with clients working no the movement and still feeling like I could do more I knew we needed a better way. Kettle bells were my go-to, functional load but the cost of heavier bells kept myself and clients stagnant. The front squat bar is simple. Get under the bar hold on to either handle and you are squatting. No struggles or modifications just grab and go.

All Athletes Welcome

Having a bar that is simple to use can sometimes limit who can benefit from a specialty bar. Whats the point of getting a bar when you can already do the movement. We made sure the cambering effect of the bar helps overload driving into the rack position for experienced lifters this is a great way to get variety and drive up your barbell front squat.

100% confidence promise
I want everyone to enjoy using the bar. If you feel that it doesn't work the way we described or isn't what your looking for please send it back. We know it works and stand by it, but if you feel different we take it back no questions.
Satisfaction guarantee
100% confidence promise
Satisfaction guarantee 100% confidence promise